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    What is Rank ? How do I improve it ??

    When you register with Global Survey Market, You get a specific position in our database. It changes as you use this site. This position is your RANK. As you get higher Ranking you get more opportunities to increase your income.

    What is this RANK for ??
     Rank is a measure of your performance at this site.
     Rank indicates how relevent your answers are and how sincere you are about the survey. The better you perform, the better your rank is !!
     Some of our clients request surveys about difficult topics and critical issues. They can't risk their secrets to anyone whom they can't trust. We offer their surveys to the top ranked users of our database — the users whose past record is excellent.

   Does my Rank effect my earnings ??
    Definitely. As your rank gets higher:
  • you will be offered more surveys
  • you get paid more for each Survey
  • you will be offered new ways to earn money from this site
  • you will receive special gifts
  • you will get more free softwares
  • you will have higher priority on “Contact Us” support.

    How can I improve my Rank ??
    Every user of Global Survey Market is trying to improve his/her Rank. It is difficult to achieve a top ranking, but not impossible! Be patient and follow these suggestions:
  • Never break any rule.
  • Answer to the best of your knowledge, and honestly.
  • Complete each survey on time.
  • Do every survey that you are offered.
  • If the survey topic is technical or difficult for you, collect information before answering a question. You can use "related links" or "search" links given on top of every Survey page.
  • Refer your friends and family members to Global Survey Market.
  • Give us feedback regularly about the bugs, errors, and changes in the website.

    What decreases my RANK ??
     If you break any rule or do not complete surveys on time, your rank decreases. If you don't give relevant answers to the questions asked in surveys OR you just fill the answer form with white-spaces, this will impact your rank. Your account will then be monitored, and if you repeat it, your account will be blocked.