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    Testimonials from Our top ranked Users

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   BY : John
          1st Rank User

   Hi, GSM is great, It realy worked for me. when I started on this site I was able to make few pennies a day but now I am earning a good amount of money. I was the 10th user to Sign up ( Join ) when this website was started. So it was a bit easy for me. Now no. of Users increses, so it becomes a little bit difficult to compete.
   How I made this far: I have completed all surveys on time. I had never ever broken any of their rules, Every time I surf the web about the Company that is conducting survey from "Related links" present on top of every survey page. Google search-bar is also present there, you can use that too.

   BY : Alex
          2nd Rank User

   Yea, John you are right. GSM is the Leader out there. I am working with various Online Money making Programs and Survey Sites but GSM pays me the highest about 40-50$ per Survey. Other Survey Sites pays 10$ at their best.
   I think GSM is best for Low rank Users too, You get 25-30 Surveys every month While on other Survey Sites, You will get only 4-8 Surveys per month. Amount paid per Survey is low at GSM but you will get total amount higher than other Surveys Sites at end of every month. You have a good chance to earn more money by increasing RANK.
    So GSM is the Best for All

   BY : Michael
          50th Rank User

   Hi, I always wanted to post my message here. I got promoted today and now I am posting my very First message.
   GSM Team, You Rock.
Thank You so much for making this awesome website available.


   BY : Karan
          25th Rank User

   Hi, I am from India. I earn 30 - 40$ per Survey. In Indian Currency it becomes about 35,000 - 50,000 Rs./month. Earning so much money is not a easy job in countries like India.
   If you are a low rank user then you can make 500Rs./month But It increases linearly as time passes and you gain some good reputation among their user-list.
   I advice everybody living in countries like India to register with GSM and make some serious money.
   Always follow the rules and don't be oversmart to fool GSM because they decide your Rank.